We use automated systems to FULLY ADMINISTER your dispute to ensure a speedy process to resolution:

  • We format and send your Notice of Dispute
  • Upload your documents and send them to all parties
  • Select a mediator or arbitrator for your dispute
  • Generate the standard mediation Agreement ready for authorisation
  • Provide our Rules for the organisation of the arbitration
  • Enable meetings by video-conference in Australia or overseas at no cost
  • Monitor the organisation of the mediation or arbitration
  • Survey parties over their satisfaction with the dispute resolution process when it is concluded
Each party is pays an administration fee of $450 plus GST. The fee is billed and payable by on-line payment facilities to quickly initiate the process.

If a process is not initiated within 28 days of the request being lodged, our commitment is to refund all administration fees in FULL.